CoC Prisoner Guide

EDIT 4: Quite a bit of content has been added and a few things have changed since this was first written, but this guide still serves as an excellent primer to what you will find in my mod. Definitely give it a read if you are a new player!

EDIT 3: Download the current version on the downloads page above.

Okay, the demo should be available fairly soon, so I’m going to go ahead and publish this little guide so that people know what to look for. If you’d rather discover things on your own, though, DON’T read the rest of this post, and especially DON’T read the part at the end marked spoilers. DO be aware, though, that the huge portions of the content is written in placeholder format (or is simply the word “placeholder”) because it was written to be a proof of concept for the new imprisonment gameplay mechanics. Oh, and do be aware that I’m a coder first and a writer second, so what is written might be a bit on the rough side.

How to get started: The question comes up from time to time, so I figured I’d add the answer here. To play my modified standalone version of CoC, simply download the latest build and open it in your favorite browser. Since this is just a simple .swf (Flash) file, you can run it on any operating system that has a browser with Flash support. If you’ve been playing Fenoxo’s game by downloading it, your saves will automatically show up (assuming you use the same browser to play my version of the game). If you’ve been playing Fenoxo’s game embedded in his website, you will need to use the “save file” and “load file” features to transfer your save data. Learn more about saved data for this game and flash in general at Fenoxo’s forum.

A note on saving and loading: Loading your existing CoC characters should work just fine. If you load a character from after November 18, 2012 January 2, 2013 (the last full CoC build to be merged with my branched code) you will obviously lose any data related to new features after that point (ie, new transformation types or whatever won’t be properly represented). Similarly, saving your game via this modified version of the game is likely to lose any data related to features newer than November 18, 2012 January 2, 2013. Short version: Overwrite your existing save games at your own risk. I make no guarantee that games saved by this modified version of CoC will be compatible with any other version of CoC. Hell, I make no guarantees about the quality of the saved data, period!

Anyway, without further ado:

To find the content I’ve added to the game, go to the Bizarre Bazaar and choose “Back Alley” to get captured for the first time. If you don’t have access to the Bazaar, simply keep exploring and you will eventually encounter a suspicious encampment where you can also get captured.

– Upon capture your items and gear are taken from you. Don’t worry, though — they are returned when/if you when you escape.
– If you acquire and equip gear inside the jail you will be given the choice to keep it when you escape (right now I don’t don’t have any events in place to give you gear, but the support for it is there), but items in your inventory are simply thrown out in exchange for your pre-capture items.
– After you escape you will be given an important choice that can potentially opt you in to have a chance to be recaptured when losing fights in the outside world. The text should make this clear, but if you don’t want to be potentially recaptured, make the right choice there.

Once you are captured, you have four new stats to worry about — they can be viewed while imprisoned by mousing over the More Stats button at the top (and they will appear in the More Stats output whether you are imprisoned or not).

– Hunger is reduced by eating food. If it reaches 100 you will start fatiguing/losing willpower and will lose the ability to refuse some commands.
– Willpower is a rapidly recharging resource that you need to spend to refuse commands. It works similar to Fatigue, but your ability to regenerate it can become greatly diminished by changes to other stats.
– Esteem measures your self esteem. 50 is neutral, 1 is bad, 100 is max, and is used as a factor in many obedience related calculations (Note: this is only sloppily implemented for now, and a LOT of balancing/tweaking will be needed). It is fairly easy to gain and lose, and it is also gained and lost outside prison by winning and losing combat.
– Obedience is a slow to gain but hard to reduce measure of how conditioned you are as a slave. High values mean you have a hard time not willingly being your captor’s bitch. Also quite sloppily implemented for now, but what is there should be enough to get the idea across.

Once you are in prison, you will have sort of an alternate version of the camp menu as your new “home” space.

– Train is a menu of ways to spend your time improving your body. There’s not too much here right now, but it is there for the sake of demonstration. Eventually captors might fill this menu with actions for you to take to become a better (or worse) slave.
– Study is a menu of ways to spend your time improving your mind. Currently this is implemented as a bit of a debug menu, with options to increase and decrease esteem and obedience by 5. As with the train menu, eventually captors might fill this menu with actions as well.
– Items is the normal items menu, but depending on your current state of restraint you might not be able to use some items.
– Restraints is a menu where you can try to break free of your restraints. Probably currently a bit too hard to do so (it requires very high stats). Also, if you turn on debug mode these options become toggles to cycle yourself through the various restraint states.
– Escape is a menu of options for you to escape. Many are maybe too easy right now (assuming you aren’t restrained), but that’s probably for the best for testing purposes.
– Masturbate is similar to camp masturbate — if you only have the default option it auto fires, otherwise you get choices.
– Rest/Wait/Sleep is just as in the normal camp. In fact, it’s a bit too much like normal camp. Some work will have to be done to prevent a lot of the wait/rest/sleep events from firing when you are in prison. (I’ve blocked a few easy ones, but many more need to be prevented by an “in prison” check. Things could get especially odd right now if you have a lot of followers.)
– The prison framework features a system where additional items can be dynamically added and removed from any the existing menus. Some of the events in the proof of concept do this (one adds to the masturbate menu, a few others to the main prison menu, but the system is generic and can add to any menu).

Since you are a slave, you can be restrained.

– Depending on how you are restrained, various actions will be more difficult or impossible.
– This is moderately well implemented right now, but there may be some aspects that still don’t make sense.

The main meat of the content is driven by a new class called prisonTrainer.

– When you are captured, an object of this class is loaded into the prisonCaptor variable. The default values for the class properties define the “basic” prison experience; these can be overridden piecemeal or wholesale in order to create new stories and player experiences quickly and easily by taking advantage of the core prison framework.
– Or in less technical terms, I’ve designed this system to be easily extended. I’ve written some content to demonstrate what the prison framework can do, but it is a framework that could be used to implement other scenarios where the player is imprisoned by an NPC.

SPOILERS: Here are some things to be sure to see in the “basic” prison experience (ie, the default loaded prisonTrainer) currently implemented in this demo:

– Your captor, an omnibus named Elly, gives you a nice little speech when you are caught (with a fun variation when you are re-captured).
– Periodically she will visit you and offer you a chance to earn a good meal. Perform well, and you get nice food. Half ass it, and you get, well, food. Of a sort. Refuse and you will be punished in various ways. As your obedience increases, she will “train” you to do more and more heinous things without even thinking about it, and you will then be given a choice of whether to do an even more debasing thing.
– There are currently two “light” punishments (increased restraints and gettin’ boned), and three “heavy” punishments that are randomly selected from when you refuse to do as you are told. Definitely try to see all the heavy punishments, since there are some very cool ideas in there (if I don’t say so myself). 😀
– As time passes, a few fun things can happen randomly: Elly may ask you to keep your cell clean (punishments if you don’t!), a randomly selected guard may decide to come in and abuse you (you can try to fight back if you aren’t restrained), a kindly imp janitor might visit you, or you might hear a neighbor getting punished in a nearby cell.
– If you just wait around at full lust while you are too restrained to masturbate (waiting may be your only option in such a state — that will teach to behave, eh?), Elly may visit you and give you a very interesting toy, or just offer to fuck you if you beg her to.
– Once every 30 hours or so Elly will lighten your restraints a bit. Isn’t she nice?

Again, a LOT of the text in all these events is still placeholder, it’s light on references to the player’s physique, and none of it takes into account crazy body types (centaur, naga, etc). What’s more, very little balancing has been done for stat changes, and a lot of events should probably be changing other stats as well. My goal in both of these areas was to put in enough work to hopefully get the idea across and be fun, while also not getting bogged down on any one component so that the proof of concept could be as broad as possible.

In any case, hope you enjoy!

77 thoughts on “CoC Prisoner Guide

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  2. Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic addition. The mechanics are well-thought out, the writing is quite toasty, and it offers more content in a very underrepresented area in CoC (PC as as Sub). Great work and I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Given my submission fetish, this is awesome. One thing I would like is to be able to resist Scruffy. I’m tired of being knocked out, and as much as I love futas, I don’t like males. At all. Like, at all at all. It totally kills it for me. Plus, he just generally pisses me off and I want to teach him a lesson.

  4. For whatever reason I can’t seem to load any of my characters. I’m playing on firefox and my characters still show up for the original game on fen’s site but when I try to load this game all the load slots are empty.

  5. I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress with this little project, as the subject matter is quite underrepresented and, well, kind of my thing. If you’re looking at getting this fully into the base game, my advice would be to make it a little more “opt in”, so you don’t anger players with either the inconvenience of being taken away from other aspects of the game, or exposure to fetishes they may not be into.

    • The text in the capture event is definitely a rough draft (as is all the text in this demo). As a frequent lurker at Fenoxo’s forum, I know how strongly his players feel about opting in, and thus the final text for the first capture event will have to be VERY clear what is going to happen. Or at least as clear as possible without spoiling the fun.

      After that, though, it’s my intention to assume everything else is fair game. You got yourself into this mess, now deal with it, right? (And, of course, the post escape opt-in for recapture after combat loss will remain in place as well.)

  6. bug: when asked to call her mistress with the options to refuse, accept, or reject, if you click stats you can skip it with no repercussions.

    • Thanks, good catch. The stats button was a new addition in the code merge I did last week, so I didn’t have time to really test it’s show/hide state through all events.

      (Previously I just had the stats mouseover attached to a button that did nothing.)

  7. For some reason whenever I get locked in the room with the dildos that you have the option to stand up or rest your legs….Its glitched in that it never lets me out. I thought maybe I was just meant to stay there for a few days, but I spammed the mouse button for 20 in game days and I was forever stuck there. As well as, it seems after so many days “Mistress” stopped visiting me all together and same for Scruffy. So I never even got food after a while.

    Maybe thats just because this is still in development, but I thought I should voice what I’ve found.

    Other then those two things, I rather enjoy this. Of course I think it should include much more content, but for it to still be in development I really liked it. Please do keep up the good work.

    • I’ll talk about the box punishment in a new post here, but this one:

      “As well as, it seems after so many days “Mistress” stopped visiting me all together and same for Scruffy. So I never even got food after a while.”

      That’s potentially more of a problem. Scruffy is random and conceivably the RNG could keep him from showing up, but unless you are in a punishment mode that prevents it, the feeding event should always happen.

      Was she just not showing up while you were stuck in the box, or was this while you were in the normal prison room?

      • I had the same prob with both of those problems and as for her not showing up it was when i was in normal prison, she would just not show up for days at a time, eventually she may show up but it definitly seemed like a long time and since my hunger was maxed my fatigue kept getting higher and my willpower kept getting lower so i could do almost nothing but just wait around. I love this add-on, but it DOES have issues as of now lol.

      • It was while I was in the normal room. And it is just like Bayyn said, She would not show up for days at a time and I could do almost nothing but wait around.

  8. I think I’ve come across a glitch. My character got punished after refusing to act as a slave, and was locked into a stone room with a large… thing… being shoved up his rear. After standing up twice (and having the over sized dildo 20 inches up his butt for his trouble), the game went into a loop where there was no option save for a next button. Clicking it would bring up a message stating that he was still on the thing and another next button, and nothing else happens besides his willpower becoming nonexistent. I’e pushed it through 25 days ingame, and there appears to be no way to stop.

    • I’ve had the exact same issue. The only way I’ve gotten it to stop is loading a save from before I started receiving the punishment. It seems to happen most often for me after I reject Elly’s first offer to end the punishment.

  9. I’ve encountered a ‘sort of’ bug. When you get played with by Exgartuan at night, the text references you being outside of camp, and returning to camp afterwards.

    • Yeah, as I alluded to in the post there are a TON of events that fire on rest/wait/sleep that need to be cased out while in prison. They will eventually get blocked, but for now you can just imagine they are strange hallucinations being brought on by the stress of having your will broken. 😀

  10. There appears to be an infinite loop in the bar-box. I’ve been stuck in there for a good 20 days straight, and no one has come to give a chance to leave.

  11. Is there a minimum corruption level needed to access this material? You can’t get into the Bazaar unless your corruption is high enough.

    • As mentioned in the post, if you don’t have access to the Bazaar, do random exploration (ie, hit “Explore” then “Explore” again). You will eventually encounter a slaver camp in the wilderness. Having high corruption (and thus Bazaar access) just gives you a fast lane to slavery. 😉

  12. This is great mod. I love it. I think because of this system you can do proper deep pet play.
    Did you think about making this prison as a proper map/dungeon? Like you could explore it as slave from time to time, meeting other slaves or other activities. This would allow three things:
    1) escaping would be more thrilling and hard.
    2) locking pc would be a punshiment not a default state. (pc could start locked, after few days he could explore few hours a day etc.)
    3) it would create a room for new content. More freedom for writers.

    Overall great work. I wish i could write for it, but because i have no talent nor I am a native speaker i don’t think i will.
    I will keep an eye on this page. Good luck.

    • The gameplay framework actually does have a concept of rooms, where different rooms can dictate what actions are available to the player. I currently use that to implement the punishment modes, actually. But yes, I did have this possibility in mind as I was building the framework, but I probably won’t be working with it much any time soon. What I’ve already laid out is a HUGE undertaking, and filling in the placeholders alone will take quite a long time.

      • Well, you’ve already got some good groundwork laid out. Once the placeholders start getting filled in, I can easily imagine this becoming one of my favorite parts of the game.

  13. Unless there’s a harpy that’s supposed to be there, if you have Bimbo Sophie in your camp, she can still visit you in prison to give you does of harpy lipstick

    Just thought I’d make sure you knew to disable it for a future build..

    • Be sure you’re opening it from the same location you use to open the regular CoC game, i.e. from the browser if your saves were made on the browser version or the hard drive if your saves are from a copy you have on your hard drive.

  14. Bug Report.
    Having Shouldra with you seems to break the box. I redid it three times without Shoulda and it seems to work perfectly, but with Shouldra, you get stuck in a loop of sinking, and masturbating, and lot of pages like this.

    An hour passes…

    Out of nowhere, a colossal yawn bursts forth from your craw. “Come on, Champ. I’m dying to try out some new stuff I’ve cooked up.” What is this sense of dread consuming your being?

    Your pucker recovers from your ordeals, tightening up a bit.

    (Placeholder) Your legs give in to lust and fatigue and you impale yourself a bit further on the dildos below you. You’ve sank down as far as you can go and your soft, pinchable butt now rests on the bar. Over 20 inches of dildo are buried in your tight anus and loose cunt.

    (Placeholder) Overcome with lust, you masturbate on the dildos beneath you. You are filled with shame for letting the device get the better of you, and the sheer helplessness of your situation overwhelms you, damaging your will to resist your Mistress.

  15. Hm, with studying philosophy and stuff you can gradually go back from a butt slut, to just needing to call the omnibus Mistress. Elly should probably detect that something is happening and react accordingly.

    Can scruffy give you something other than Succubus milk?

    May be one can get more clothes/restraints as a reward or punishment. Obvious examples from the already existing are the bondage straps, the swimwear, the rubber suit… Bu you can also add a straitjacket for example.

    Also, it would be cool to add a chastity belt in the restraints, making the PC unable to masturbate.

    • Oh, also, it would be fun to take in account which of Ceraph’s fetishes the PC has.

      And a bit of a bug – the minotaur still doesn’t want to fuck infested PCs, so he throws them out of the cave 🙂

      • That’s definitely a bug, along the same lines of the rest/wait/sleep events. Eventually I’ll get to the point of hunting down and casing out things like that, but for now I’m going to be focused on building the core of the experience.

    • Lots of good thoughts here.

      Elly will definitely have more reactions to your changes in behavior.

      The system is definitely designed to support expanding restraint types, but I won’t be working on that in the near future. The already existing array of options is already daunting to manage. 😉

      I do plan to have gear given to the character as rewards/punishment though, since that’s easy to do and mostly represents a cosmetic change (ie, it’s not a huge amount of code to implement properly as the restraint system is).

  16. Is there and bad end or and kind of end to this? i got my disipline maxed and it said i was a perfect slave but besides her unlocking the door, everything continued as normal for me for many in game days after that, just wonderin, Btw i love this add-on, please keep with it.

  17. When this is gearing up for full inclusion (which I really hope happens), you should remember the soft rule against no-choice-about-it sex. Fen tries to have there be an escape mechanism for all scenes. So some warning text like, “you’re sure that if you don’t escape soon, you’ll be in for all sorts of trouble that you might not like,” so players have the choice to just try and pull a first-turn escape.

    Otherwise love it, etc.

    • Yup, that definitely will be a consideration. (And ultimately up you will always have the up front opt in moment to avoid the whole scenario. The text there will probably change to be even more clear that hitting yes is a big choice.)

  18. I just encountered a glitch where, after being punished the first time for not keeping the room clean, Elly would never check the cleanliness of the room again, even if I cleaned it up all the way and then get really bad. Everything else worked the same way as usual except the punishment for not cleaning.

    • The cleanliness check is currently implemented as a random event (like Scruffy’s visits and the sounds from the other room). The RNG giveth, and sometimes the RNG taketh away.

      Being only at the proof of concept level, of course, various events could become scheduled rather than random and vice versa, and the chance of occurring for all events will certainly be tuned quite a bit.

      • Then the RNG must hate me because I went probably an in-game month without it happening before I ended up reloading an earlier save. I like the punishments so far, and sadly that was my last chance at one because by that point my character was completely broken to Elly’s will.

  19. Its a good Concept albeit I too ran into the constant dildo scene, as well as could never leave the dungeon. While playing though a thought did come to mind about a “extreme punishment” for example lets say you escape and get beaten by a Sand witch and with the flag of capture chance you have a chance of having her final spell cast but instead of a bad ending wake up in the cell unable to move due to the size of your chest with Emily taunting you and leaving but causing the pressure to build up after x amo0unt time you would gain fatigue once max fatigued you get a chance to accept beg or refuse if you refuse you get the spell cast on you again doubling the pressure this time causing health loss at almost 0 your given one final chance to beg or refuse refuse ending in a bad ending and beg resulting in pressure release and after a few days 3-5 she undo s the spell. But its just an idea and I’m not good at coding or writing so if someone likes it go for it.

  20. Hello, I’m just wondering if you’d need a writer for “Placeholder” I’m not much of a coder but I do write alot, if it’s a yes just reply and I’ll help out when possible o-o?

    • There are some comments on the dev plans page discussing this:

      Short version: If I can find writers who share my style and sensibilities, I’d love to have help writing the content. However, all of Fenoxo’s rules regarding event submission will of course apply, AND I’m likely to be quite picky when deciding to use other people’s content — I am hoping to maintain a very specific level of quality and convey a very specific tone, so I’m likely to ignore content that doesn’t match up in either of those ways.

  21. definitely a super cool idea, reminds me of the submissiveness trait with kelt. ill be excited to see what kinds of items you can get and some of the events that’ll come up. maybe if you become your captors favorite you can help her punish others? other then that could there be other NPC’s to interact with and have sassy time? like a male prison guard?

  22. I would greatly appreciate a step by step guide to successfully installing this. None of my current characters are even able to get captured by idly exploring nor is there the specified option for the Bizarre Bazaar. The same goes for any created characters.

    • My mod is actually a standalone version of Fenoxo’s game. If you’ve played his version of the game, you can play mine. The only difference is that while Fenoxo offers both a download and an embedded method of playing the game, I’m unable to provide an embedded version of my copy.

      In any case, just download the swf (flash) file and open it with you favorite browser and you should be good to go. (And if you have issues with accessing your saves, check Fenoxo’s forum for a thread that explains how flash saves work. )

  23. Are there any other quests you can do after reaching maximum obedience? And once you reach the maximum obedience, can any other events happen?

    • The quest system is currently just a proof of concept and thus just has the one quest option.

      At the moment, the only thing that can happen at max obedience is Elly unlocking the door for you, trusting that you aren’t going to run away at that point. There are certainly other things planned for the “endgame” of the prison scenario, but at the moment development is on a bit of a hiatus thanks to a wide variety of things happening in my real life, so I have no estimate to give as to when/if such plans will be executed.


      • I had a request for future submission options. Perhaps if you keep obeying her she could upgrade your collar to a much nicer one, and perhaps even upgrade your cel to be a bit better or perhaps allow you to sleep elsewhere in her room perhaps…..i look forward to seeing where this goes, but most of all I look forward to seeing what rewards comes with submission.

  24. Is there a way for that instead of finding your stuff and escaping, you instead smuggle one item back to your cell? also, does all food in CoC replenish hunger?

    • All food in my builds does, yes, so if you use items regularly before you are captured you will not be hungry when you arrive in prison.

      As for item smuggling, I chose the route I did because it was the cleanest way to ensure being imprisoned didn’t disrupt your progress in the main game. Of course, any number of variations could be implemented, but item management is already a bit… tricky, and what I’ve done already is a bit sketchy.

  25. I don’t know how stats affects willpower, but I believe I found stats glitch with the food and willpower. I had roughly 28 willpower and had somewhere around 40 hunger, ate the stale prison bread to drop my hunger to 0 only for it to drop my willpower down to 6 as well! This doesn’t make sense to me and if you did program it that way, isn’t a 22 point drop a bit much?

    • Maybe?

      The primary NPC is obviously an herm, so that’s going to be your biggest stumbling block. TF content is there simply due to the CoC game engine, but it’s not a big focus of the mod.

      I will say, though, that I tried very hard to be as gender neutral as I could when writing — Elly doesn’t really care what kind of dangly bits you have (or don’t have), so long as you are willing to submit to her. 😉

  26. Hi!
    Congrats for the mod, i really like it.

    Could you update the CoC version in your mod ? I cant play modified savefile with the official CoC’s char save editor :\

  27. Hey the one thing I can’t figure our how to do is fixing the fairy in the deep cave. Any help on that please? ;3

  28. This isn’t so much of a bug or anything as just something I got once that might have been a stray snippet of code that glitched on me. There was a scene where Ellie feeds the PC directly, It showed up because one time I got a thing where it said the cum bread was what I really wanted anyways. I have never managed to get this scene again. If you remember what you set up as the trigger for that scene would you please tell me? Also if it was a glitch that you’re not supposed to be able to get anyways.

  29. would it be ok for you to add the trigger sequence if you submit to the pump room or lose at the factory, effectively replacing “game over”? i guess an extra scene would be necessary where the pc is dragged away from the factory by the slavers to the slave place, raped on the way there (several times), then the scene would continue maybe xD

      • oh. sorry, it wasn’t immediately obvious it was cancelled xD it’s my first time coming across it as well, also having recently found out the game could be modded like this.

        why was it canceled, if you don’t mind me asking? seemed like such a neat idea

      • also, is there anyone working on this mod since it got cancelled? or alternatives? or a compendium of mods i can use somewhere? i’m searching on google but i’m coming out blank xD

      • Not sure about anybody working on it, but it was canceled because FeiFongWong doesn’t have the spare time to work on it like he once did.

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