The latest version of my work can always be found on the Downloads page or in patch notes on the blog.

By trade I’m a mediocre php developer.

I started this blog to track the development of a mod to Fenoxo’s amazing Corruption of Champions game wherein the player can be captured and imprisoned by slavers.

For a basic primer on what my mod does, read this guide/FAQ I wrote when the demo was first publicly published. Some of the info may be slightly out of date, but it’s still the best place to learn what my mod is all about.

For all the patch notes since the first public release, check here.

I build patch notes for upcoming release and maintain a list of future development plans and reported issues on this page.

If you are interested in reporting bugs or contributing to the project in other ways, please read this first.

Aside from responding to comments on this blog, I have discussion threads set up at Fenoxo’s forum or TFGamesSite. I respond to blog comments more frequently, but pick the community you feel most comfortable with — I read everything posted in all three locations.

If you wish to contact me privately, please send me a PM at one of the forums above. It may take me a day or to to check it and respond, but from there if appropriate I will take the conversation to email so we can discuss things more fluidly.

16 thoughts on “About

    • As mentioned previously, my current hosting situation does not allow it. As the project gets closer to completion, however, I’ll probably invest some time/money in changing that, but not any time soon I’m afraid.


  1. You’re a coder right?

    May I ask what language of code is used for writing this game?

    I dabble in coding and writing so, Feel free to let me know if you’d ever like a hand.

    • CoC is compiled from a CS6 Flash file and a whole mess of ActionScript 3 code.

      Thank you for the kind offer, but coding is actually the easy part — it’s writing that’s the problem. I probably spend half an hour coding for every twenty or thirty hours outlining, writing (or trying to write!), editing, proofreading, etc.

      Of course, if I was including writing from folks other than Nijin (who is doing a fine job of coding his own scenes above and beyond using Fenoxo’s text parser pseudocode) that ratio might change a bit, but yeah, for now the roadblocks are elsewhere.

  2. Any chance of being enslaved by anyone else in the future? Like if you lose against a goblin, imp, or something and they turn you into their own personal sex slave.

  3. Any chance of getting an updated version so we can use characters from the current build? Since it seems like it’s stuck in version .35

  4. I’d like some help with only a couple things if you can help me I’d like to figure out how to update my games on CoC & TiTS and i need you’re help to choose which tier patron to become (pro’s, con’s, etc)

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